Annual Background Checks for School Staff? 

11/21/2022 02:11 PM By Kayla Florence - Comment(s)
Parents of a Virginia school district advocate for annual background checks for school staff.

Online Retailer and Its Background Check Provider Facing Lawsuit

11/04/2022 09:42 AM By Kayla Florence - Comment(s)
A once prospective employee of America’s most commodified e-commerce provider, Miguel Lerma, has proposed a class action lawsuit against the online retailer and its background screening provider

A Hiring Horror Story

10/31/2022 11:48 AM By Kayla Florence - Comment(s)
Tips to avoid a hiring horror story of your own.

Alcohol is the Leading Substance of Abuse in the Workplace

10/19/2022 11:14 AM By Kayla Florence - Comment(s)
Alcohol maintains as the primary abused substance in the workplace in the United States.

3 Major Risks of Hiring Without Performing a Pre-Employment Background Check

10/06/2022 11:59 AM By Kayla Florence - Comment(s)
Companies mitigate risk by conducting background checks that reveal warning signs that could eventually affect trust, safety, and the carrying out of company values and goals.

Social Media Background Checks-- Are They Worth the Risk? 

09/19/2022 10:10 AM By Kayla Florence - Comment(s)
Reviewing the pros and cons of social media background checks can help employers determine if they are worth the risk.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Cardinal Logistics Management

09/13/2022 12:23 PM By Kayla Florence - Comment(s)
A former employee of Cardinal Logistics Management filed a class-action due to FCRA violation.

Dispensary Settles Class Action Related to Improper Background Practices

07/05/2022 03:10 PM By Kayla Florence - Comment(s)
A Florida-based marijuana dispensary has agreed to settle alleged class action violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act by paying a $60,500 settlement.