Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care.  ~Lou Holtz

Peace of mind so you can build a culture that thrives. 

Feeling like it should be easier?

Tired of impersonal 800 # support, complex background & drug screening programs and worrying if your actually in compliance with the ever changing compliance landscape? 

Stop dealing with lost candidates due to long delays, the frustration of a wasting time checking for updates, the embarassment of a bad hire due to an incomplete report and the anxiety of wondering if it's all for naught and you're going to get dinged on a technicality.  

It's in our name... "Partners"

We understand each organization is unique so take the time to understand the associated risks, partner with you to create an easy solution that works and are there when you need us most.

No lost candidates, no bad hires and no more worrying!

Whatever the risks you face as an employer are - slow on-boarding, bad hires, compliance technicalities - we're here for you! Our team has partnered with HCM, operational & risk mitigation leaders for over a decade on how to on-board faster, worry less about a bad hire and gain confidence that they're in compliance. 

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