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5 Panel Drug Test

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5 panel drug test is the most common drug test for employment. 5-panel drug test is also used in by DOT (Department of Transportation) and federal offices to screen a candidate's possible drug usage. It is a nationwide standard for workplace drug screening used all over the USA. 

The 5 panel drug test is mainly done through the urine or hair. Both these tests are effective to identify a candidate's possible drugs and substance usage. Urine tests are able to detect usage of drugs about a week after use while hair tests can detect drug usage up to 90 months. 

Unless you have to look for specific drugs and you have specific circumstances, 5 panel drug test is the standard test to choose. 

What does a 5 Panel Drug Screen test for?

The 5 panel drug test mainly tests for the following substances: 
  1. Marijuana (THC)
  2. Cocaine (COC)
  3. Opiates (OPI)
  4. Amphetamines (AMP) 
  5. Phencyclidine (PCP)

1. Marijuana

Marijuana is the most common substance that candidate's fail on drug screen tests. Marijuana is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is short. It is naturally found and cultivated in the marijuana plant, also referred as cannabis plant. Marijuana is consumed through various means by majority of people through direct smoking, oils and edible items. 

Consuming marijuana gives the consumer pleasant sense of relaxation often referred as high. Consumers often express increased appetite and better mental health due to its consumption, however, uncontrolled consumption has shown various paranoid bearings as well. It is also medically used to relieve pain in some states. It's medicinal benefits is recognized and prescribed legally, however, the federal government classifies it as a drug. Marijuana or THC is tested is all states regardless of the state laws due to the federal use and no substantial evidence of its benefits in medicinal usage. 

Due to the unconfident results from marijuana usage, employers refrain from hiring candidate's with marijuana positive on a 5 panel drug test. 

2. Cocaine (COC)

Cocaine is a highly strong and addictive stimulant drug. Cocaine is produced through a series of chemical processes on cocoa leaves to get a white powder substance. It is usually consumed by snorting directly through the nose. It is highly addictive and listed in as a Schedule 2 drug. 

Addiction to cocaine or even general usage is a serious problem in the USA. Regular use of cocaine leads to physical and mental dependency on it and leads to violent acts when dependency is not met. Without a doubt, getting cocaine positive on a drug test is a terrible result for any candidate. Not only s/he won't get the employment, they have to go through various further tests and most likely be subjected to rehabilitation. 

3. Opiates (OPI)

Opiates are pain-relieving drugs that work by relieving the opioid receptors in your cells. Opiates are prescribed in controlled amount medically to reduce pain in special circumstances like heavy injury and surgeries. 

Opiates are find when used in prescribed and controlled manner, but can be seriously addictive if not controlled. Over consumption can lead to heart failure and instant death. Variations of this drug are treated differently. Heroin is classified as a Schedule 1 drug while Vicodin, another variation of opiates is treated as a Schedule 3 drug and treated harshly. 

4. Amphetamines (AMP) 

Amphetamines are synthetic stimulants that suppress appetite. Usually, amphetamines are used to treat conditions like Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and in some cases Parkinson's disease. It is also taken as a focus drug that helps in studies and mental stress by most youngsters as it increases focus span. 

Methamphetamine or popularly known as Meth is a major issue among teenagers. Meth creates a quick and strong addiction which increases more rapidly. It destroys the dopamine receptors in our cells resulting in depression and violent actions. Amphetamines are considered Schedule 2 drugs and if reported positive, you won't get the job. 

5. Phencyclidine (PCP)

Phencyclidine (PCP), commonly known as angel dust, is a pain relieving white-yellowish powder drug. PCP is known for its extraordinary mind-altering effects which include visual and audible hallucinations and violent response to it. 

PCP is consumed in a variety of ways due to its various forms. It is synthesized in many ways such and consumed in respective ways. In powder form, it is snorted while it can be injected in liquid form as well. It can also be swallowed like a capsule. Overuse of this drug can lead to paranoia and the user might harm themselves out of fear of something that is not there. 

It is classified as a Schedule 2 drug by the federal government. 

How is a 5 panel Drug Test Done?

5 Panel Drug test can be done mainly in two ways:  5 Panel Hair Drug Test and 5 Panel Urine Drug Test

5 Panel Hair Drug Test

Hair Drug test is the most accurate form of drug testing as it detects drug usage up to 90 days from the time of test. In this test, a small sample of the candidate's hair is taken and analyzed for the 5 drugs mentioned. 

5 Panel Drug Test however cannot determine the date or range of time of the drug usage. Additionally, dyeing or bleaching can interfere accurate with the accuracy of the test. Still it is the most preferred method of drug testing. 

5 Panel Urine Drug Test

5 Panel Urine Test is a popular method of drug testing which shows usage of drugs mentioned in the 5 panel up to 7 days prior to the test. Its accuracy can depend on the frequency, quantity and recentness of the use. 

Comparatively, it is less accurate than the hair test as it can show false positives and there are chances of cheating using various methods to dilute or alter the urine sample. Additionally, it can also detect recent usage up to a maximum of 7 days. 

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