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Employer FAQ

Q: How long does an Employment Background check take?

A: On average, a background check takes 1-3 days. However, it may be more or less depending on a variety of factors. Call us for specific queries.

Q: Will I be notified of delays?

A: Yes! In the rare instance of a delay (weather, court closures, etc.) you will be notified via email and provided an updated ETA. Clear and open communication is crucial between all parties involved.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It really depends on how often you're hiring. If you rarely hire, then click here get started with one of our commonly ordered search packages. If you hire frequently click here to schedule a demo & obtain pricing.

Q: What if there's a record?

A: If there is a record, you will need to follow your internal adjudication & adverse action processes. Don't have one? Check out the Best Practices section to the left to get started. As always, we recommend speaking with your attorney to ensure it meets your regulatory and jurisdiction's legal requirements. 

Q: My last provider missed a record and cost me a client/project/etc. How can I be sure you won't?

A: Unfortunately many providers are so focused on bells, whistles, buzz words and savings that they don't take the time to learn what you really need. While our self-checkout option provides commonly ordered searches in nice packages, we'd much rather have a chat to understand the risks you are screening for and provide a proposal to address them. Once you compare your current program with our proposal the difference will be evident.  

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Chat with us (bottom right corner), Call us at (866) 880-0702Email us, Comment on our blog, Message us on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc, Send a carrier pigeon... you get the idea, right? Only caveat is we do not provide legal advice... call your attorney for that! 

Consumer/Employee FAQ

Q: Why is a Background Check being ran on me?

A: Because the organization you are about to work/volunteer with cares about the safety/reputation of their employees (i.e. you!), clients, vendors and overall business. 

Q: How long will it take?

A: Most complete within 1-3 days depending on the searches being performed however delays can occur for a variety of reasons. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. support@backgroundpartners.com

Q: What type of information are they looking for?

A: Each organization & role can have it's own set of search parameters & hiring criteria. Check with your recruiter/hiring manager to better understand what searches are being performed and why.

Q: Is my information safe?

A: Yes. The overall all security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. We regularly audit our policies, procedures, tools and the overall health of our cyber security ecosystem so that you (and we) can rest easy. 

Q: Why wasn't I hired?   

A: That is a question for your recruiter/potential employer. While we provide them information, it is up to them to decide if candidates meet thier hiring criteria and make thier own hiring decisions. 

Q: How can I dispute the information that was reported?     

A: Yes. If you feel information was incorrectly reported on you please contact us immediately at (866) 880-0702 or Disputes@BackgroundPartners.com

Q: I made some mistakes in the past and am having trouble getting hired with my record. 

A: We're firm believers that gainful employment reduces recidivism.  Here are some resources that hopefully are helpful. 1. Jobs for Felons Hub  2. National Hire Network 3. Goodwill Industries 4. Volunteers of America    (NOTE: If your convictions are a result of human trafficking please contact our friends at Free To Thrive for support and additional resources.)a

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