• Employment & Education Documents Verification Service

Employment & Education Documents Verification Service

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Verifying a candidate's employment background and academic qualifications is key to hiring them. Verifying the documents and getting in touch with past employers is a key part when deciding to work with a candidate. While you can do this yourself, it is better to outsource these tasks to an expert background check agency i.e. Background Partners. 

We are one of the most popular employments and educational documents verification service providers in California, USA. Background Partners, as our name speaks, is a dependable company to verify academic and professional background of a person or a company before pacing to work with them. Our clients are substantially grounded in California, but we're competent to work with any companies in the USA that bear hand background services. We work with companies from different industries such as banks and insurance, IT companies, trip agencies, healthcare, NGOs, INGOs. We DO NOT ignore start- ups and small businesses.

Benefits of Documents Verification with Background Partners

  1. Reliable Team
  2. Optimized Hiring
  3. Increased Work Efficiency
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What you get with Service Title?

Education Document Verification

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

Commercial Driver License Information System

Professional License & Certificate Verification

Employment Document Verification

Continuous MVR Monitoring

Personal & Professional Reference Verification

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