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    “The importance of onboarding is significantly increased these days since the average turnover at work is less than four years and lifetime employment strategies are out of date."
    ~ Authors of "The Alliance" (Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh​)
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Screening Kept Simple

Each on-boarding process is unique. From remote employees to multiple locations with multi-step processes, we've seen and supported it all.

Speak with a Screening Consultant today to learn how we can simplify your process, speed up results & support your #OnBoardingGoals. 


Mobile-optimized invitations ensure compliance 

no matter where you, your candidate or

the role is located! 

Easy Entry

Still using paper forms? No problem!

Our intuitive order entry process allows you 

to get in, out and on with your day. 


The holy grail of process simplification... we integrate with most leading applicant tracking providers & several you've probably never heard of before.

What we do

Screen for Success!

Background checks aren't all created equal. Order Now to select from commonly ordered packages or Schedule a FREE Consultation to create a custom program meeting your business & regulatory needs.

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Criminal Searches

The most commonly thought of part of a background check isn't as simple as it seems. From databases to court records and across all jurisdictions, we help you search for what matters.

Finance & Sanction Searches

Civil searches, credit reports and sanction searches help ensure you've done your due diligence prior to putting your company's reputation and financial well-being on the line.


Are they who they say they are? Our robust tools help you confirm your candidate's identity, uncover potential alias names, ensure a clean driving record, verify degrees earned, employment held & more. 

Health & Wellness

Whether it's drug testing, physicals, TB tests or more, our coast-to-coast network of facilities provide convenience, confidentiality and confirmation of results through a licensed Medial Review Officer.  


We LOVE What We Do!

Based on our 5-star reviews, heart felt client recommendations, referrals from partners and client driven awards it appears we're not the only ones that love what we do!

Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world; 

it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius. 

~ George Sand

See how easy simplicity can be...

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