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Pre-Employment Drug Screening

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Hiring someone who is a regular user of drugs or other abuse substances can be hurtful for your business. Such employees are weak links in your team. 

Here's how you can avoid such candidates:

Subscribing to a drug test service can be helpful for you to filter out such candidates. An expert employee background check company can be useful to hire effective personnel so that you can achieve your goals with minimal road blocks. 

Background Partners is known employee screening company which provides quality drug screening services. We are based in California and are one of California's best places to conduct drug screening tests. We are a reliable company for any employee screening tests such as identity verification, documents verification and many more. Background Partner 

company works with a diverse range of clients. We don't discriminate against smaller businesses and start-ups. Many of these companies are key drivers of innovation and economic growth.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

  1. Reduced employee healthcare expenses
  2. Increases Employee Productivity
  3. Compliance with Regulations
  4. Safe Workplace
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What you get with Drug Testing Services?

Common Testing Configurations

Most common drug tests include urine test, oral fluid test, breath alcohol test, DOT alcohol test, and sometimes hair test. 

9 Panel Screening

9 panel drug test does everything the 5 panel drug test with barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone metabolite, and oxycodone added. 

5 Panel Screening

5 panel urine drug test commonly tests for basic abuse substances like Opiates, THC, PCP, Cocaine, and Amphetamines.

10 Panel Screening

A 10 panel drug test is similar to a 9 panel drug test with 1 or 2 custom tests added to identify any specific substance abuse in a potential employee. 

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