• Saliva Drug Test

Oral Saliva Drug Test

Saliva test is  a non-invasive drug testing method used to detect presence of drug substances in a person's body. It one of the less popular drug testing methods as this method can only detect drug usage up to a few days prior to the day of testing. However, 

due to the same reason it preferred among candidates and employees. 

It is also the easiest drug testing method that can be cheated on. A drug user with proper oral hygiene has good chances of passing this test. Additionally, eating regular food items can also help in getting a negative result. In most drug test centers, candidates are advised not to eat or drink anything 15-30 minutes before the time of the test. 

Another reason why it is least preferred by employers is that it requires proper swab collection for it to be able to detect any drug usage. 

Oral Drug Test Sample Collection

An oral or saliva drug test requires a medical professional to use a long Q-tip to collect saliva sample by rolling through the inner cheeks or under the tongue. 

You are usually requested not to consume any food items or drinks 15-30 minutes before the testing. Saliva drug test is one of the most accurate drug testing methods if done correctly.