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Why Pre Employment Background Checks?

Making the mistake of hiring unfit individuals adds up more expenses and hinders the safety of your workplace. By subscribing to an appropriate background check service, you can improve you hiring process and make informed decisions regarding potential candidates.

Improved Efficiency

Hiring fit and capable employees help you finish tasks on time efficiently

Security from Frauds

Proper background checks prevent occurrence of fraud 

Secure Workplace

Employee security for for safer workplaces

Healthy Relationship

Fit personalities create healthy relationships at home and work

Who we work with?

Our clients are today's employers dedicated to building something that can proactively address whatever tomorrow holds. Providing them the best pre employment background screening services is our ultimate goal. 

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Healthcare & Logistics

Greet compliance audits with a smile knowing  the "t's" are crossed, "i's" are dotted and you have the support needed when a question arises. 

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Non-Profit & Volunteer

Rest easy knowing you're protecting your organization, the people it serves and the purpose everyone holds so dear.

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Startups & Hyper-Hiring

Enjoy the fun & excitment of growth instead of the anxiety of complex processes, delayed searches, lost candidates & missed start dates.


"Thanks so much, Nick for helping me hire one of my most productive employees. She will be celebrating 3 years with our company in June!" -Amara P. 

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Avoid bad hires & side-step compliance woes.

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What is Employment Background Check?

An employee background check refers to an investigation of the background of the candidate. Such screening can include health, financial or criminal checks.

What do companies look for in Employment Background checks?

Nothing serious if you have not lied on your resume. Basically, a company or an employer wants to know if you have a criminal record, or you have a drug record. Similarly, they also want to verify your identity to avoid any chance of identity theft. If you have a strong resume based on facts, you need not worry. 

How far back can these screening go?

On average, these types of screenings go back up to 7 - 10 years of your life. However, the depth of these checks is based on the findings which decide whether to dig further or not. 

How long does a Background check take?

Most commonly, a background check for employment is finished in 3-5 business days. It can increase or decrease depending on the findings and requirements of the employers.