BLOG: Genuine Graduates

05/21/2019 09:53 AM By Nick Zundel

Genuine Graduates

study of 2021 showed only 23% of Americans over 25 years of age have a associate college degree! Fortunately not all jobs, or even career paths, need a degree to be successful. However to gain an edge on other candidates many people fluff, embelish or pad thier educational achievements. From implying graduation, when it was only attendance, to worthless degrees from diploma mills to flat out fabrication, we all know it happens. A quick search online provides countless resources on how to obtain fake transcripts, degrees and real diplomas from fake institutions. 

Does it matter? Yes! One of three things is true.

1. A degree is required. This is a no brainer, right? If you advertise it's required for a reason...

2. A degree is preferred. As mentioned earlier, a degree can be the little edge over another great candidate. Make sure it's deserved.

3. A degree doesn't matter. Even if it doesn't matter, it's smart to verify thier highest stated level of education... it's never a good sign a relationship starts off with a lie.

Think it doesn't happen at all levels? Guess again...

Former CEO of Yahoo, Scott Thompson, falsely stated he had a computer science degree.

Former Dean of Admissions at MIT, Marilee Jones, for 28 years she falsely claimed to have three degrees. 

Former CFO of Veritas Software, Kenneth Lonchar, falsely claimed to have a MBA from Stanford which caused a 15% drop in the stock. 

Former Notre Dame football Head Coach, George O'Leary, claimed he earned varsity letters playing college football however he wasn't even on the team! 

And the list goes on... 

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