BLOG: Interns & Summer Screening

06/29/2020 08:03 AM By Nick Zundel

Interns & Summer Screening

Summer. Sunshine, the beach, trips to Disneyland and cheap labor in the form of Sally Mae's sister's neighbor who's home from college... alright, maybe not all of that is happening this year but you get the point. Has your low priority "To do list" been growing like mine? There's no need to be ashamed, summer intern help is amazing! We just signed up to mentor several interns ourselves and that got me thinking that a quick refresher on screening during the summer was in order. 

Stick to the plan.

No matter how bright-eyed they were you wouldn't skip doing a background check on a permanent employee, right? What makes an intern, temp or Sally Mae's sister's neighbor any different? The threat to your customers, employees and the company still remains. 

Where's the college?

80% of college students don't live with their parents however many still keep that as their mailing address. Why does it matter? If their address isn't reported while at college, their time in that jurisdication may never show up on the trace you use to populate criminal searches. I don't know about you but I've heard stories about college parties...

Screen based on the risk.

Just like any other position you hire for make sure you're screening based on the risk of the role. While a criminal check may not have helped, through reference checks could have saved the employers on this 10 Worst Interns Ever list some major embarassment.   

Long story short, vacations are great except for your screening program. If you don't have one, are worried about accuracy/compliance or just want to see what else is out there click the button below to schedule a call with one of our screening consultants.