$350K Settlement for FCRA Violations

07/28/2022 01:28 PM By Kayla Florence

A pending, class-action lawsuit has resulted in a $350,000 settlement to resolve alleged violations of the FCRA. Though Onin Staffing denies these claims and does not admit fault, they agreed to a compromise that will grant each class member approximately $483. The class consists of all candidates and employees of Onin Staffing who were affected by the company’s alleged improper hiring and firing practices between April 4, 2017, and March 23, 2022.

The plaintiffs in Bobby Lee Miles, Jr. V. Onin Staffing, LLC, were not given copies of their background reports nor were they notified of the background screening being done. They were also subject to the denial of employment and wrongful dismissal, reassignment, and firing without the proper, FCRA-compliant background report processes being carried out.

The FCRA requires employers to provide applicants and employees with copies of their background reports, and a guide on how to dispute misinformation before it leads to adverse action.

The deadline to submit a claim for compensation or to be excluded is August 29, 2022. The final hearing is set for December 16, 2022.