Does Fake Urine Work for Drug Tests?

07/24/2023 12:33 AM By renezawale

Can a Lab Test for Fake Urine?

In most cases, a lab test can recognize fake urine samples. Modern drug tests can detect various drug substances in the urine, including adulterated substances. The labs and testing technologies are so advanced that they can identify fake and adulterated urines. 

Many factors such as temperature, shelf-life, odor, and composition help drug test centers identify actual urine samples for fake ones. 

Additionally, some drug centers have strict premises which prevent candidates from submitting substituted samples. 

Is Fake Urine ever Effective?

Yes. Fake urine works in tests that do not strictly check all the substances found in the sample. A quantitative test that only looks for the presence of drug metabolites can be easily cheated by using fake urine. One has to make sure what sort of test they are submitting the sample to. 

Can Synthetic Pee be Detected in a Lab? 

Synthetic urine is created using various chemicals, coloring, and uric acid. It is synthesized to closely match the appearance and composition of a real urine sample. However, real urine consists of other substances and bacteria from the body that cannot be added to synthetic urine easily. By analyzing the presence of these substances and bacteria, synthetic urine can be identified in labs. 

Risks of Using Fake Urine in Drug Tests 

Since most of the drug testing centers in the USA are equipped with the latest technology for all sorts of drug tests, you have less chance of passing a urine drug test using fake urine. If you are caught trying to use fake urine to pass a pre-employment drug test, you will fail the test and lose the job opportunity. Additionally, you can be fined for attempting to cheat on the test and lose further job opportunities based on the type of test requested, the state you are testing in, and the company. 

19 states in the USA have implemented laws regarding attempting to use fake urine. The consequences can include time in jail and heavy fines. On top of that, you can also get a twelve months probation for getting caught in Florida.