How long does it take for a Federal Background Check

06/21/2023 06:30 AM By renezawale

How long does a Federal Background Check take?

Federal Background Checks do not take more than two business days. Usually, you receive the results from a federal background check within a day. The federal background check covers only 94 district courts which make the check short. It does not cover the local county and state courts. 

A federal background check is part of a civil background check which is usually conducted after county court background checks. 

What can delay a Federal Background Check?

As mentioned above, the results of a federal background check can be received within a day, however, sometimes it can take some time to verify the results. 

For instance, an inaccurately filled form makes the search more difficult as the data will not match creating confusion and repeated processes. You might be asked to re-fill the form and the screening process will start over. 

Holidays such as federal holidays, emergency weather holidays, and health emergencies can delay the process too. 

What do Federal Background Checks look for?

Federal background checks look for any violations and breaches under federal law which include the following: 
  • Identity Theft 
  • Illegal Firearm Possession and sales 
  • Online Scams and Frauds
  • Human Trafficking 
  • Drug Trafficking 
  • Financial Scams 
  • Tax Evasion 

How to properly conduct a Federal Background Check?

You should work with a proper background screening company to conduct a federal background check accurately. The processes are long and require a lot of knowledge, so it is recommended not to try to do it yourself. 


What should I do when background checks are taking more time?

You can reach out to the employer if they have received any reports and request a copy.

Should I be worried if my background check is taking a long time?

No. Background checks can take time based on various factors. Sometimes, the reports are already received by the employer and they have decided to work with someone else, but that is not something to worry about too much.