How to get Meth out of your system?

07/06/2023 11:23 PM By renezawale

How to get Meth out of your system fast?

Meth is a highly powerful stimulant drug legally prescribed in rare situations to help cure (ADHD) Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder and Parkinson's disease. When used in limited or prescribed amounts, meth works like a medicine giving benefits to the consumer. But when consumed in high amounts it creates strong addiction which does not go away easily. Using meth damages brain functions and memory capabilities. 

As meth is a Schedule II drug, consuming it without a prescription can cause trouble especially when you are asked to take a drug test for employment

So the question rises: How to get Meth out of your system?
Here are some methods that can be useful to get meth out of your system quickly before attending such a test. 

Detox Drinks 

Consuming detox drinks is believed to get meth out of the system faster which helps in passing a drug test for meth. You can get detoxed at home or at detox centers near you. Getting detoxed at detox centers is usually the better choice but often people prefer getting detoxed at home for privacy and to save money. 

Detoxing is a risky process as withdrawal from meth and other drug substances can cause serious symptoms. It is better to do detoxing under the supervision of medical professionals who can prevent such symptoms and help you if such symptoms show up. 

The effectiveness of detoxing is also dependent on the user’s health, current vital signals, the amount used, hydration levels, and addiction to the substance. So, it is best if you detox at detox centers under proper supervision.


In addition to detoxing, hydration also helps to get the meth out of your system faster. Using meth causes dehydration in the body. A dehydrated body cannot flush out meth from the body as fast as a hydrated one. Water helps flush out meth through urine and sweat. In addition to water, you can try juice, coffee, or soups to hydrate the body. 

The only possible downside to hydrating the body is hyponatremia. In hyponatremia, the excess amount of water intake dilutes the concentration of Sodium in the body which can lead to dizziness, muscle cramps, nausea, and even seizures in some cases. This is also possible in normal situations where drugs are not involved. In any case, drinking too much water without any consideration for food intake and the condition of the body can be harmful.

Exercise and Cleanliness 

If you’re feeling like it, exercising can help you get meth out of your body through sweat. Stretching your body and getting some gentle exercise can help you relax as well in addition to getting meth and toxins out. 

Getting a good bath and cleaning your body also helps get meth away from your body. Oral hygiene and overall cleanliness help you look confident in front of your employers as well. 

Consuming Fiber and Laxatives 

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle of meth users, often they face health issues like gastritis and constipation. This makes them difficult to excrete. Excretion is a natural process where the body throws out unnecessary substances. When getting meth out of the system, it is essential that these processes are functioning well. 

Consuming food items with fiber helps in such a process. Additionally, food items with natural laxatives also help to speed up these processes. Medically manufactured laxatives can also be used but they come with side effects, so it is always recommended to use food items with natural laxatives. Using laxatives may also lead to the body losing some nutrients due to quicker defecation. 


It takes a good number of days, about a week, to get meth out of your system. But the aforementioned ways are found helpful to quicken the process and make you feel normal. 

As every method comes with its benefits and risks, proceed with caution with these methods. It is best if you do them under medical care, but if you opt to do it yourself at home, make sure you have considered the results.