INTERVIEW: Industry One on One w/ Nick Zundel, Background Partners

05/12/2020 08:30 AM By Nick Zundel

Industry One on One

How are you doing with the stay-at-home order? 

Struggling? I think we all are. Everything has changed and no one knows what tomorrow holds... yet as adults, experience tells us that we will make it through and this too shall pass. 

Now think about the young adults, teenagers and kids who are experiencing everything we are yet have no past experiences to reference. The Great Recession is a distant memory to most, if they even remember it. Even before covid our nation's youth showed  increasing rates of anxiety, now they're facing the same feelings of uncertainty but with no life or work experience to fall back on. 

I urge you to reach out to your local (or alma mater) schools/colleges, share your insight and give them hope. A big Thank You to Angela Tilley-Ruiz at Cuymaca College for this opportunity.