We're Open!

03/17/2020 06:33 AM By Nick Zundel

Keep Hiring! We're Still Screening!

Wow, this last week has been a wild ride! 

Come what may, Background Partners is open and ready to serve your pre-employment background & drug screening needs. While some clerk-assisted searches may be delayed due to court closures, our access to electronic court records has not been affected. If a delay is expected, you will be pro-actively notified and provided options.

So, to quickly recap:

1. Background Partners is and will remain OPEN!

2. If you continue hiring, we’ll continue providing you FCRA compliant reports.

3. If a delay is expected, you will be proactively notified and provided options.

Remember to support small & local employers, practice social distancing and as I am always telling my 6-year-old daughter… WASH YOUR HANDS!

Stay healthy!

Nick Zundel

Managing Director