BLOG: Volunteer Background Myths

20.06.30 01:20 PM By Nick Zundel - Comment(s)


Early this year I checked another box on my suburb dad bingo card... coaching my kids' team. And just like everyone else interacting with the kids I filled out a background check form and turned it in. Unlike everyone else, I was eager to get the results. No, I wasn't worried about what they'd...

BLOG: Interns & Summer Screening

20.06.29 08:03 AM By Nick Zundel - Comment(s)

Summer. Sunshine, the beach, trips to Disneyland and cheap labor in the form of Sally Mae's sister's neighbor who's home from college... alright, maybe not all of that is happening this year but you get the point. Has your low priority "To do list" been growing like mine? There's no need t...

BLOG: Effective Hiring in a Pandemic

20.06.16 08:13 PM By Nick Zundel - Comment(s)
Best practices for hiring during a pandemic.

INTERVIEW: Industry One on One w/ Nick Zundel, Background Partners

20.05.12 08:30 AM By Nick Zundel - Comment(s)
Cuyamaca College Industry One on One

We're Open!

20.03.17 06:33 AM By Nick Zundel - Comment(s)

Wow, this last week has been a wild ride! 

Come what may, Background Partners is open and ready to serve your pre-employment background & drug screening needs. While some clerk-assisted searches may be delayed due to court closures, our access to electronic court records has not been affecte...

BLOG: Genuine Graduates

19.05.21 09:53 AM By Nick Zundel - Comment(s)

A recent study showed only 30% of Americans over 25 years of age have a college degree! Fortunately not all jobs, or even career paths, need a degree to be successful. However to gain an edge on other candidates many people fluff, embelish or pad thier educational achievements. From implying graduat...

BLOG: A Hiring Horror Story

19.04.21 03:11 PM By Nick Zundel - Comment(s)

Last Friday during a “get to know you” coffee, a local business owner shared his Hiring Horror Story.

After countless hours recruiting, sifting through resumes, phone screening and interviewing he had his candidate. The resume sparkled with the perfect experience, and the candidate rocked each interv...